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    Now Available – A Minute in the Church: The Mass

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    For most Catholics, the Mass is so familiar. We’re often very comfortable in the routine. We know when to sit, stand and kneel. We know the responses and the rituals. Many Catholics take great comfort in this. After all, we know all about the Mass. Or do we? When I reverted to Catholicism, I was […]

    Bring Back the Awe!

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    Most everywhere I speak, I ask for a show of hands from people who have someone in their lives who no longer goes to church or practices the faith. Every time I ask, it’s nearly unanimous. Almost every hand in the room goes up. It’s truly heartbreaking. Baptisms are down, marriages are down, Mass attendance […]

    A Year of Faith Special for A Minute in the Church

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    Pope Benedict XVI has declared a Year of Faith, which begins on October 11, 2012. As part of the Year of Faith, the Holy Father has called on education and catechesis to be important components of the celebration. The Pope is encouraging all Catholics to learn their faith! To help facilitate this, we are starting […]

    A Minute in the Church Video

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    Do Catholics worship statues? Are Catholics breaking a commandment by having statues in their churches? Watch the video below to find out how to answer those questions!

    Gus’ new book, A Minute in the Church

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    Order our new book, “A Minute in the Church.” Please use the links below to order your copy, or copies, today! Order a single copy Order 5 copies Order 10 copies If you would like to order larger quantities of A Minute in the Church, please email GusLloyd@verizon.net God bless and keep you, always. Gus

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