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AMITC Mass front coverFor most Catholics, the Mass is so familiar. We’re often very comfortable in the routine. We know when to sit, stand and kneel. We know the responses and the rituals. Many Catholics take great comfort in this. After all, we know all about the Mass. Or do we?

When I reverted to Catholicism, I was blown away by the Mass. I never knew just how much of the Bible was in the Mass. The more I began to learn about the Mass, the more amazed I was. I wondered why I was never taught this stuff as a child. I have come to find out that there are millions like me out there. And that’s why I decided that my next book in the A Minute in the Church series needed to be about the Mass.

You see, I’m a great believer that if someone truly knew the deeper meaning behind and what was really happening at EVERY Mass, they could never leave the Catholic faith. Unfortunately, we get so caught up in the music and the preaching and the externals that we fail to remember that we are truly participating in the wedding banquet of heaven! If only more people could get this! A Minute in the Church: The Mass will help people understand the deeper, often hidden, meanings of the things we do and say and experience at Mass. That can only be a good thing, right?

Right now, you can get single copies of A Minute in the Church: The Mass for just $5. While that itself is a heck of a deal, we want to make it even easier. I hope you’ll take advantage of our special introductory offer of A Minute in the Church, A Minute in the Church Volume II and A Minute in the Church: The Mass – all three books – for just $10! That’s over 125 one-minute teachings about what Catholics believe and why for only $10.

Just like the other two books in the series, A Minute in the Church: The Mass is also available in bulk for just $1 a copy! We do this to encourage parishes to get the book for every family in the parish. Would your parish be willing to invest just $1 to help catechize and evangelize the faithful? I hope so!

To order copies today, just go to There you’ll find links for single copies, our introductory 3-book offer and bulk purchases.

Finally, we’re offering free copies of A Minute in the Church: The Mass to any priest or DRE who requests a copy. Our only stipulation is that the request come directly from the priest or DRE. They can simply email a request to with their name, address and parish and we’ll send them a copy.

Please pray for this effort. We just want more and more people to fall in love with Christ and His Church every day. May God bless you and your family!


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