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60 Second Reflections

Jesus' Teaching on Anger

Posted on
 Today's Gospel reading is from Matthew 5, the Sermon on the Mount. It is Jesus' teaching on anger. The Sermon on the Mount is probably the most challenging teaching ever....

Christ's Church will Prevail

Posted on
Today is the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter. It is commemoration of the authority of the Pope (whomever occupies the Chair of Peter). In today’s Gospel reading from...

Gus Lloyd - Radio Host and Catholic Evangelist

Gus Lloyd is the host of Seize the Day, the morning radio show on Sirius XM's The Catholic Channel. He is the author of Magnetic Christianity: Using Your God-given Gifts to Build the Kingdom, A Minute in the Church Volume I, A Minute in the Church Volume II, A Minute in the Church: The Mass, and A Minute in the Church: Life in Christ. He speaks at conferences and parishes around the country, educating and motivating people to become all that God desires them to be.

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