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    Fathers for Good Features Magnetic Christianity

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    I recently did an interview with the Fathers for Good web site. Fathers for Good is a ministry of the Knights of Columbus. They are doing a great work in the body of Christ. Click on the logo to the right to see the interview! My thanks to the Knights of Columbus and Fathers for […]

    The Reviews are Coming In!

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    As more and more people read Magnetic Christianity, they’re letting me know what they think. Here are some of the early reviews. I would love to know what you think! Email me your review at GusLloyd@verizon.net and please post it on Amazon.com’ s Magnetic Christianity Page. The Best Book I Have Read in Years Your […]

    Magnetic Christianity Passes the Debbie Test!

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    What is the Debbie Test? Find out by reading this article that appeared in the Tampa Tribune on Sunday, April 1. My thanks to Michelle Bearden of the Tribune, and to Debbie! I hope you’ll share this article with your friends! ‘Magnetic’ book draws you in By Michelle Bearden Gus Lloyd’s newest book passed the […]

    A Minute in the Church Gets Bishop’s Approval

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    After the first printing of A Minute in the Church, I sent a copy of the book off to my bishop, Bishop Robert N. Lynch of St. Petersburg, FL, asking if he would grant an Imprimatur for the book. Here is the text of the letter I received from Bishop Lynch: Dear Gus, Thank you […]

    A Minute in the Church Video

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    Do Catholics worship statues? Are Catholics breaking a commandment by having statues in their churches? Watch the video below to find out how to answer those questions!

    Comments About A Minute in the Church

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    I would love to know your thoughts about my new book, A Minute in the Church. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you for reading the book! I pray that it blesses many. Gus Jerry wrote: Love it. I personally think it should be given to every new Inquirer […]

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