A Minute in the Church Gets Bishop’s Approval

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After the first printing of A Minute in the Church, I sent a copy of the book off to my bishop, Bishop Robert N. Lynch of St. Petersburg, FL, asking if he would grant an Imprimatur for the book. Here is the text of the letter I received from Bishop Lynch:

Dear Gus,

Thank you for your letter of January 3, 2011 and for the accompanying monograph entitled A Minute in the Church: One-Minute Catholic Apologetics. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that during my tour of duty at the episcopal conference the bishops defined that only catechetical texts or textbooks for seminarians needed an official Imprimatur which often takes some time to obtain.

I believe the best route to allow you to proceed is to permit you to place in the beginning of the book this phrase: Published with the permission of Most Reverend Robert N. Lynch, Bishop of St. Petersburg. Please feel free to proceed.

It is a nice aid, Gus.

With every best wish, I remain Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Robert N. Lynch, Bishop of St. Petersburg

So…we have just ordered the third printing of the book. You will see the note at the beginning of subsequent copies of A Minute in the Church. Praise God!


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