Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Gus plays some audio from a priest named Fr. Mike Cormier from Incarnation Catholic Church in Tampa where he announced to those in attendance that an arsonist broke in the church and unsuccessfully attempted to set in on fire, only damaging a set of pews. The priest goes on to say that they initially were going to shut down for a week in order to repair them but decided against it, saying that, if they did that, evil would win. Gus likens it to the situation with some churches still closed because the coronavirus and says that evil is winning some battles. He talks about the random church attacks that have taken place globally over the last couple of years and wonders aloud if the devil is at work here. But these attacks are having an effect on Catholics. Gus cites a recent survey conducted by Real Clear Opinion Research, which shows that 83% of registered Catholic voters are very concerned about it. Gus asks listeners what their level of concern is regarding this.

Also, today's feast day is for St. Pio of Pietrelcina, aka Padre Pio, and Gus is joined by Saint Pio Foundation Founder Luciano Lamonarca. He talks about his life and legacy and what his foundation does to pay tribute to his charism. Gus remarks that Padre Pio is, far and away, one of the most popular saints in the entire Catholic Church and has many devoted followers. Gus asks listeners what saint, or saints, they "carry" with them physically via medal, ring or medallion.

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  • Rosemary Perry: September 23, 2020

    Padre Pio is near and dear to me. I was introduced to him during 9-11. A child in my first grade had a relative that was in the first tower and got hurt. We got busy sending her cards and letters. She became our dear friend and since has become my blessing to know to Padre Pio. Why? She is devout and had visited San Giovanni Rotondo a few times before 9-11. That day 9-11, in the first tower, she had fallen and was confused – she felt a push from behind to go down the stairs and she got out alive. There was no question that he led her out with so many others perishing. We believe he was there on 9-11 to help as many as he could. Cookie’s miracle was just one miracle that day.

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