Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Jennie Lichter, deputy assistant to President Trump for Domestic Policy, calls in to talk about the president's announcement yesterday at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast that he announced the signing of the Born Alive Executive Order, which ensures immediate medical care to all babies born alive.

Also, as we hit the six month mark of the COVID-19 lockdown, most of the national reflection has been how we've been affected negatively. Gus flips that over and asks people to call in and share any blessings they may have experienced during this time.

And, during yesterday's segment with Saint Pio Foundation Founder Luciano Lamonarca, he talked about some of the amazing things attributed to Padre Pio, including bi-location and intercession. Gus asks listeners if they ever experienced a profound answer to prayer that they can attribute to the intercession of a saint.

Gus is later joined by Bob Dunning to talk about the current state of the college football season. So far, we've had three weeks worth of games and several had to be postponed because of COVID. Last week, the Big 10 announced they would have a season beginning October 24th and, this coming weekend, the SEC starts their season. Bob and Gus break it all down.


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