Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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Yesterday, Pope Francis had another one of those in-flight press conferences. One particular reporter asked him to clarify by what he meant when he said last week that he's honored when Americans attack him. His response was very long, but the biggest take away was that he prays that there is no schism in the Catholic Church but he's not afraid of it. Gus gives his thoughts on the pope's comments.

Also, Gus talks about Catholic news. He says that, although it is pretty niche, in order to be well-rounded Catholics, we must read about what's going on in our Church. He asks listeners to share where they get their Catholic news. Some notable examples are the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM, Crux News, Catholic News Service, Church Militant, America Magazine and The Catholic Thing.


  • Don Lund: September 11, 2019

    The spark for any upcoming potential schism was Vatican II. And listening to this morning’s call-ins, the conservatives are still at it trying to shut the windows of the Church that St John XXIII opened up. St. John Paul II gave it a whack and got them partly closed. Benedict the XVI gave up the fight, probably when he became aware of the breadth of the women and children abuse scandal in the church. An now we have Pope Francis I standing tough. And boy there are millions trying to bring him down. Where do I get my Catholic news: from the Sunday scripture readings and homilies, Commonweal, Maryknoll, diocesan monthly mag, America, National Catholic Reporter, Seize The Day. Our catholic infighting is, oh so much, like our current USA political red vs. blue.
    Follow Christ’s exhortations to love your neighbor and the "rules’ will take care of themselves, or be ignored. Compare all the writings about the traditions, rules, etc. to the number of words in the Bible. I daresay we are becoming more like the Pharisees every day.

  • Bob Densmore: September 11, 2019

    I was annoyed when the Pope called people who oppose him Rigid. To me Rigid could be possible code for Orthodox. I was really annoyed when he took a jab at EWTN a couple of weeks ago. For years Mother Angelica was like a voice crying in the wilderness. I was excited about this Pope when he was elected and took the name Francis. I’m really worried were he is going to lead the Church now. He is starting to sound like just another liberal Jesuit. Love you program Gus. I can just never get through to you on the phone.

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