Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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Gus talks about the new Amazon Prime ad, which features images of a chaotic family where the young kids are playing musical instruments, the mother is frustrated and the father is happily listening to something on his noise-cancelling headphones while the Ava Maria plays throughout. Gus plays the audio and gets listener feedback. Many think it's a very positive ad but there are several who take umbrage with the use of the song.

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  • Diane Fugalli: September 10, 2019

    Listened to your radio show and was amazed at the topic. I love the commercial. Ave Maria is beautiful, peaceful and loving. There are good and bad sides to every situation. I am taking the good side. I feel the person listening is reflection on the Lord and not on his kids. As one who is head of Consolation I hear this song played a lot. It is very calming to those who hear it. Therefore, let be positive here and not take offense. I heard you final comments and agree with you not your listeners. Amen..

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