Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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Gus is joined by Josh Holdenreid, vice-president and executive director of the Napa Legal Institute, to talk about Big Tech censorship of religion. Big Tech has come under fire for their selective censorship lately and Josh gives Gus a history of it and why Big Tech takes these stands and what's being done about it. Afterwards, invites listeners to call in and share their thoughts on Big Tech censorship. He particularly asks listeners who've ever experienced any form of censorship from Big Tech or elsewhere to call in.

Also, Gus talks about yesterday's Supreme Court ruling yesterday that overturned the Center for Disease Control's eviction moratorium, which allowed for tenants to continue to not pay rent because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Supreme Court ruled that the CDC exceeded its authority. Gus invites listeners who've been impacted by the eviction moratorium in any way to call in and share what these last 18 months have been like for them.


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