Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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Gus goes over some recent news out of the Supreme Court involving a few judgments on abortions on the state level. Gus says that, in essence, the Supreme Court judged that the remains of an aborted fetus are indeed human and upheld the State of Indiana's requirement that all must be either buried or cremated. But, the court also punted on the Indiana law that forbids the abortion of fetus' with Downs Syndrome, declaring that it's discriminatory in nature. Gus also reads Justice Clarence Thomas' concurring statement that criticizes Planned Parenthood, its eugenic origins and it's racist, eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger.

Also, Gus recaps the news out of the Vatican yesterday, which shows that disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was indeed censured by Rome as far back as 2008 which included travel restrictions and resign from all positions he held with the Vatican and the USCCB. Over time, though, those restrictions appeared to informally loosen and, as recently as 2018, McCarrick played a prominent role in Pope Francis' negotiations in a deal with China. Yesterday, in an interview with Mexican journalist Valentina Alazraki, the pope several times denied knowing any of McCarrick's sordid history of sexual improprieties. Additionally, controversial former papal nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano told LifeSite News that Pope Francis is lying when he says he didn't know. Gus expresses his frustration over all of this and asks listeners for their thoughts.


  • Gus Lloyd: May 29, 2019

    You can listen to the show on Sirius XM On Demand beginning tomorrow for one week. Thanks for listening!

  • Mary Bolus: May 29, 2019

    Today’s show (May 29, 2019) on Serious XM radio was amazing and I would like to share with my family about the founder of planned parenthood. Is there a way for me to play today’s show back for them?

    Mary Bolus

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