Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Gus talks about some abortion-related news items including Netflix considering not filming future products in the state of Georgia following its passing of the Heartbeat Abortion Bill. Gus also talks about the Maryland State Comptroller, Peter Franchot, who is investigating whether or not his state's pension fund should divest from the state of Alabama following its recent pro-life abortion bill. Gus talks about boycotts and whether or not they're effective and gets listeners' thoughts.

And, it's still Sacramental Season and a lot of kids worldwide are getting confirmed over the next few weeks. Gus talks about how the number of people who quit practicing their faith after being confirmed is staggeringly high. Gus says that he stopped practicing his faith for a long time after his confirmation and talks with listeners about their experiences.

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  • Russell Nemecek: June 03, 2019

    Gus, whether a religious or secular issue, it is increasingly disturbing that the leftist want everyone to go along with whatever they want. When it comes to ANYTHING with abortion, why is it that the abortionists are always on the offensive ? Yes, states can make the decisions they care to make, but the left never agrees with that. For instance, why not a boycott of NY for horrific expansion of abortion led by a so-called Catholic Governor? A sad day in America when protecting the living is vilified. It is sad and depressing.

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