Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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Gus talks about a video of Pope Francis that's gone viral where he's at the end of a receiving line at the Holy House of Loreto and jerks his hand away from several men and women who attempt to kiss the papal ring. It's an age-old custom that is a gesture of reverence towards the office of the papacy. Gus gets listener reaction.

Also, Gus talks about Catholic posture after reading a letter from Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio Bishop Nelson Perez, which instructs the faithful to stand after receiving the Eucharist and only kneel or sit after everyone has received. Gus talks with listeners about whether or not they're a fan of a unified posture following holy communion.

Gus talks about our baptismal call of teaching the faith. He invites listeners to call in who do teach the faith in some capacity and gives away copies of A Minute in the Church: The Mass to those who get on the air.

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  • Moreno: April 11, 2019

    Remember that Pope Francis is a Jesuit and they are not supposed to hold offices out of humility. He was basically ordered by the Pope at the time to serve as Bishop in Buenos Aires and I’m sure that no one was more surprised than he when he was elected to St Peter’s Chair. It fits then that he’d be uncomfortable receiving such signs of respect when he must maintain a posture of extreme humility.

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