Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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Yesterday, Gus talked with listeners about Catholic churches celebrating "pride masses" as an outreach to the LGBTQI+ community and he wasn't able to get to a long-standing Seize the Day tradition. Yesterday was the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua who is, among other things, the patron saints of finding lost articles. Gus invites listeners to call in and talk about things they've lost and found after praying for St. Anthony's intercession.

Also, Gus is joined in the Conversion Corner by Kerstin Pakka. Kerstin's father worked for the State Department and spent her first dozen or so years of life living abroad, mostly in the Middle East. A divorce prompted her move to the U.S. Both her parents came from different Chrisitan faith traditions, but neither was very practicing. Her first exposure to a Catholic church came when she was 11 and living in Turkey. She went to mass at a great big cathedral with her friend and felt very much at home and the seeds to her eventual conversion were sown. She eventually got married and went to church sporadically. She ended up getting pregnant and having an abortion, which had a profound effect on her. When she and her husband moved away from family, she stumbled upon a Catholic church that drew her in. When she saw a sign for RCIA classes, the rubber of her full conversion hit the road. She tells Gus and the listeners the whole story.She is also a part of Hope After Abortion and talks about their ministry.


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