Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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June is Gay Pride Month and many Catholic churches across the country, not to mention all over the world, are offering "Pride mass" as an outreach effort to the LGBTQI+ community. Gus posits the question, is this right and just or just plain wrong and opens up the phone lines for listener feedback.
Also, Catholic author Dr. Dillon Caswell calls in to talk about his new book, "Hope Not Nope: Using Healing and Reclaiming Identity As a Lifelong Athlete in a Sick Healthcare System." Dr. Caswell talks about the misinformation out there that keeps people in a state of fear, particularly when it comes to their health and/or faith in the healthcare system. Dr. Caswell's aim is to reshape your perspective, thoughts and behaviors, and equip you with an action plan by giving you the information you need to turn all of the misinformation, rejection, and lies - summed up as nope - into the greatest healing agent available: Hope!!!


  • John S Paloma: June 19, 2023

    I have an estranged relationship with my youngest daughter. She is a single mom of two rascals who attend a non Catholic church. The non Catholic church welcomed the pride event downtown by having the children of their church dress in gay pride colors and hold signs promoting the advancement of WOKE. My daughter believes in this political belief. Her adult friends are having a negative impact influence on my grandchildren and I am doing all possible to protect my rascals from this sin. It is a matter of stepping up and taking bold measures to save our families and our faith because the WOKE movement is somehow funded by numerous entities. I believe they are trying to take our children. Don’t let them.

  • Carmella Kinkaid: June 13, 2023

    I caught the last 30 min of the Tuesday show. I feel many of the people who called have missed the bigger picture. This is no longer just about same sex attraction. It is now the transgenderism, and the grooming of the children. So many said we are not here to judge. This is a cop out. We can not judge someones soul , that is for God only but we can judge there actions. We should love everyone but we do not have to love and except everyone’s sins. By having a Pride mass you are validating this lifestyle. We as a society have been gas lighted into believing that these sinful ways are okay. We are all sinners but we need to strive to not sin. Jesus never said repent, then go out and do it again. He said to repent and sin no more. In closing, isn’t PRIDE one of the 7 deadly sins?

  • John Tonollion: June 13, 2023

    Pride comes before the fall!

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