Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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Gus talks about infertility and the struggles some couples go through trying to have children. He talks about the Milk Grotto devotion, which comes from the Milk Grotto Church in Bethlehem. Legend has it that, after the birth of Jesus, on the spot where the Church stance, a drop of Mary's breast milk dropped to the ground. Every year, people experiencing infertility journey there in hopes that their prayer and devotion might lead to them finally getting pregnant. On his last trip to the Holy Land, Gus purchased some Milk Grotto powder from there and offers it to listeners struggling with infertility who call in and get on the air with him.

Also, Gus talks about the closing of Christ the King Seminary in Buffalo, New York. The 163-year-old seminary has been operating with a $500,000 annual deficit over the last 10 years due to a decrease in giving following the various clergy sex abuse scandals. Gus asks listeners to call in and talking about their tithing and whether it's increased or decreased in the wake of the scandals.

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  • Jennifer Dye : March 05, 2020

    I just heard your replay about infertility. I wanted to add to the conversation as someone who struggled with secondary infertility. We had one son and very much wanted to add to our family. After 6 years we found out we were pregnant after using NaPro technology (Creighton method). This is a very successful method of helping families find success getting pregnant…according to the Catholic’s church teachings. Dr. Thomas Hilgers has worked for 50 years researching women’s health issues and his team have made so many great strides and continue to help so many. Go to for more information. We found hope and healing here at the institute and I wanted to share that blessing with others!!!

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