Tuesday, February 4, 2020

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Last week, we learned of the suicide of Fr. Evan Harkins. Gus provides an update that was revealed in the homily at his funeral mass given by his bishop, James Vann Johnston. After a touching recollection of the deceased's life and character, Bishop Johnston revealed that Fr. Harkins had been on prescribed medication for gastrointestinal issues he'd been having and the side effects may have resulted in him taking his own life. Afterwards, Gus talks about premature deaths he's experienced in his own family, including three of his siblings and invites listeners to call in who've lost a child or a family member early in their lives. He talks with them about how that affected them and how they coped with the loss.

Also, Gus talks about a priest in the state of Rhode Island who sent out an announcement recently stating that he will deny communion to any and all politicians in his parish who voted to expand abortion laws, including up to the moment of birth, in 2019. He further prohibits them from acting as witnesses to marriage, godparents or lectors at parish functions. Gus gets listener reaction.


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