Monday, February 3, 2020

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Gus sounds off on the Super Bowl LIV halftime show starring singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. He calls it "over-sexualized," directed to "porn nation" and a conflicting message about women's empowerment. Gus invites listeners to call in and share their opinions, most of which were disgusted by it.

It isn't all bad though. Gus also talks about his favorite post-Super Bowl topic, the commercials. Gus mentions his favorites and invites listeners to call in and share theirs as well.


  • Nancy : February 05, 2020

    I did not watch the superbowl, commercials or half-time show. I was protesting that the LGBTQ commercial on drag queens was approved by FOX Sports, but the pro-life add of Abortion Survivors was not. From what I saw of the clips of the half-time show, I did not miss anything good or worth watching. Just the short clips were offensive and overly sexualized, but that is what J’Lo and Shakira they do to sell records. One story showed a clip of ARod saying how this was J’Lo showing what a Mom can do and how much love she shows for her family? Really????

  • Carolyn: February 04, 2020

    I was throughly disgusted at the half time show with both performers, if you call it that. How can they feed good about themselves when so many young girls and women look up to them as role models for strong women. I did take it to prayer because I thought I was also judging these women for doing something so wrong. Which I believe they were..I asked God to help them see that they were using their bodies in explicit ways and not pure and to use their talents in more respectful ways.

  • Pam: February 03, 2020

    I watched the half-time show for approx. 40 seconds and told my hubs to turn channel. When we turned it back, it was just in time to see the two ladies shaking their booties to the camera. I was appalled. All of this is akin to pornography in an age where everybody—rightfully so—is being tuned into sex trafficking of children and women, and boys, too. How can this be?? Their show certainly was not about the empowerment of women. I wondered how many children were watching this because their own parents were enjoying this?? How many of those parents wonder about the kidnapping and selling of children for sex? Where is the outrage? All these two superstars did was perpetuate the notion that all women are good for is ogling and to provide sexual pleasure whether that be lusting, cheating, looking, jeering, whistling, or what-not. I’d say I was disappointed, but moreso, not surprised.

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