Thursday, February 6, 2020

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Gus welcomes Dr. Brian Grim, president of the Religious Freedom & Business Association, to the program. Dr. Grim talks about the protection of religion in the workplace and offers some examples and statistics of how shows of faith in the workplace in the U.S. are trending in a positive direction. Following their conversation, Gus asks listeners how their respective workplaces handle displays of faith by employees.

Later, Jeannie Mancini, president of the March for Life, calls in. Because of the security at this year's March for Life because of President Donald Trump's appearance we weren't able to have her on the broadcast. Gus gets a recap of the 2020 March for Life, which took place on January 24th, and a preview of the Virginia March for Life on Thursday, February 13th. This particular March for Life is noteworthy because of that state's expanded abortion laws and Gov. Ralph Northam's grim statements involving abortion after birth.

Also, Gus talks about some good news out of Rome, and elsewhere, involving Tim Tebow and special needs children. He and his wife, Demi-LeighNel-Peters, are hosting a program called "A Night to Shine," which hosts proms for special needs people. They recently brought it to Rome where it was hosted by local churches and volunteers and was received warmly. Gus invites listeners with special needs kids in their lives to call in and talk about their experiences.




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