Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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Gus talks about St. Polycarp, the saint whose feast we celebrate today in the liturgical calendar. He is one of the early Church fathers and was baptized by St. John the Evangelist. Gus tells his incredible life story and martyrdom, where, at the age of 80, he refused to renounce his faith and burn incense in honor of the Roman emperor. He was burned at the stake. Gus says his story reminds him of Eleazar from the Book of Maccabees and wonders if he'd be as dedicated. Today, people capitulate because they're afraid of being cancelled.
During his teaching on the life and legacy of St. Polycarp, Gus remarks that it's a very cool name and he's never met anyone named Polycarp. He invites listeners to call in if they ore any of their families are named after a saint.
Also, Dr. Matthew Bunson of EWTN News calls in to talk about a number of news stories of interest to Catholics. He and Gus discuss Pope Francis' decision to omit the Fraternity of St. Peter from his recent motu proprio, which puts heavy restrictions on the celebration of the Latin mass. They also talk about how the reaction German Synodal Way in Germany, which is causing tremendous division, and the new bishop of Charleston, South Carolina, Fr. Jacques Fabre.
And, we're one week away from Lent so Gus does another installment of Reading or Rosary where he gives away either a copy of A Minute in the Church: Back to the Basics or a Holy Land Rosary if they commit to using it as a Lenten offering.


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