Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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Yesterday, Gus had only a short window for a call-in segment, and he asked listeners to call in if they had any priests or religious in their family history. The phones rang off the hook so Gus brings it back today where he has more time.

Also, Fr. Leo Patalinghug calls in to talk with Gus about saints and the ones to whom he has a particular devotion, including Pope St. Leo the Great and others. They also talk about today's Gospel reading where Jesus initially refuses the Canaanite woman and how we need to be persistent in prayer and must rely on humility when they're not being answered the way we want.
And Gus goes over some news/notes of Catholic interest including the rejection of the Value Them Both amendment that was proposed for the Kansas state constitution. He also talks about Nicaragua violently shutting down Catholic radio stations and the conflict that is bound to erupt in the state of Michigan where they're looking to redefine "sex."

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  • Laura Schlaupitz : August 04, 2022

    Hello Gus. I love listening to your show. I only get a chance to do so when I’m driving (alone). I wanted to call this morning and talk about my great aunt, Aunt Mae a/k/a Sr. Teresa of Avila. She past away when I was in my early 20s. I believe she was in her 70s. (I’m 70 now) She was a sister of St. Joseph in Philadelphia area. She was an inspiration to me but I couldn’t really say why. She was just special. I always said when I had a daughter she’d be named after her. Which I did. But funny thing, when I was in the hospital and the nurse asked if I spelled her name with or without a H I didn’t know.
    So I said with an h. Of course found out later it was without the H. So I told my daughter that she was named after both St. Theresa Little Flower and St. Teresa of Avila. Whenever I need to pray especially for my daughter I ask for intercession from both of them and Mother Teresa. Several years ago I started collecting native scenes. My mother gave me a beautiful baby Jesus in a crib with straw which belonged to my Aunt Mae. After putting it out for several years, one year I picked up the hay and found a hand written note she wrote to the Infant Baby Jesus asking him to bless and protect her and grant her a peaceful death. This was a very special gift from her.

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