Thursday, August 4, 2022

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Gus talks about how Catholics know the Bible better than we think we do because so much of Scripture is used in mass and our daily prayers. Today, he focuses on responsorial Psalms which are sung between the first and second readings at Sunday mass and between the first reading and the Gospel at daily mass. Gus invites listeners to call in and share their favorite responsorial Psalms.
Also, Gus takes another trip into the Conversion Corner; this time with Catholic author Neena Gaynor. She grew up in Kentucky, right in the heart of Baptist country, and grew up knowing next to nothing about Catholicism. After marrying professional baseball player Wade Gaynor, who was also an evangelical Protestant, they began searching for truth. She talks about how the two of the discovered Catholicism together. She also talks a little bit about her new book A Garden for Mary, available from TAN Books.

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  • Steve: August 05, 2022
    It was great listening to Neena yesterday. As always, you have great guests. Seven days ago, Fr. Jim Blount (Exorcist) posted a video on You Tube which already has 10k views. It’s titled: The Miraculous Power of the Green Scapular. He recommended it to his mother when he was a teen to cure his sister’s migraine headaches. They left instantly. He went on to strongly suggest the praying of the following twelve-word prayer for all types of addictions:

    “Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ save us and the whole world.”
    I hope you enjoy the video and the prayer!

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