Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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Gus goes over some statistics published recently by Crux regarding abortion legality in the United States. Overall, 54% of Americans support abortion in any and all circumstances. The U.S. Catholic population mirrors the national numbers and breaks it down in ethnicity. 53% of white U.S. Catholics believe that abortion should be legal in any or all circumstances compared to 40% who believe it should be illegal in most or all circumstances. Non-white support for abortion is similar. 55% of non-white Catholics support abortion while 37% believe it should be illegal in any or all circumstances. He opens up the phones to listener comments on the Crux abortion article and asks them on which side of the survey they fall and also asks them what they think are some of the root causes for such abortion support among Catholics.


  • jamie zabicki: August 15, 2019

    I listened to your show this afternoon on Thursday _The Feast of the Assumption. I agree with you wholeheartedly when is comes to saying abortion/infanticide is murder pure and simple. I was happy to hear the female doctor, from Kansas, mentioned that if you have a group of cells replicating on Mars would be stupendous news-the media would say “There is Life on Mars?” Well if there is life on Mars because cells are replicating then the same holds true for cells replicating in the womb-there is life in the womb! Gus when NY voted to allow Infanticide they opened Pandora’s Box and now death will be allowed anytime anywhere. Imagine an old person with no family on life support, do you really think in this age and time that people would care if you cut the power. It is frightening to think this way but this is the direction the Evil One wants us to go down. I remember the movie Logan’s Run where everyone needed to die at the age of 27-we all thought that was incredible and outrageous. But is it really that outrageous anymore—our society is now becoming a throw away society, life really doesn’t matter anymore. Evil is walking among us, but Thank God all good Christians who believe in God and in His Word know how the story ends—On the side of God!

  • Raymond L Colby: August 15, 2019

    Sad news

  • Raymond Colby : August 15, 2019

    Than you Gus Lloyd for airing this subject

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