Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Eric Groth, president of ODB Films and executive producer of the movie “Wildcat” calls in. The movie is a study of Catholic writer Flannery O’Connor’s life and writing. She grew up as a Catholic in deeply evangelical Georgia and moved to New York for a little while in her 20s. She wrote over 30 short stories and two novels with a focus on Southern Gothic style and the movie, co-written and director by Ethan Hawke, contrasts her wild, unique writings and her rather average life. During their conversation, Eric Groth admitted to Gus that “Wildcat” is a bit abstract in its approach to the story of Flannery O’Connor and stated that, for many people, it could be a movie they need to watch more than once to fully appreciate. Gus invites listeners if there’s ever been a movie like that for them or a movie they watch quite often.

Also, Gus talks a little bit more about Harrison Butker’s commencement address over a week ago that's triggered a lot of "progressive-minded" people and he focuses on one line where he said, “I think it is you, the women, who have had the most diabolical lies told to you.” He doesn’t list what those lies were, but Gus goes over a few about which the kicker was referring, including abortion is good, contraception is good, casual sex is good. And not only have many women bought into those lies, but so have many men.

And since the Harrison Butker conversation took up too much time yesterday, Gus opens up the phones for Tell Me Something Good with listeners today.


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