Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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Gus broadcasts Day 2 of his Spirituality of St. Paul Pilgrimage again from Malta. He takes in the sites today and shares it with the listeners. First, he gets behind the scenes of what makes a popular pilgrimage destination tick. He speaks with tour guide Herbert Psaila who goes into the people who visit Malta, how different seasons attract different people and talks about the food and culture of the island. Second, he talks about the Co-Cathedral of St. John in Valletta. Gus explains that it exists because of a negative relationship between a bishop of Malta and the Knights of Malta. They also visit the Church of the Shipwreck of St. Paul, which is talked about in the Acts of the Apostles.

And typically Gus’ pilgrims are filled with listeners of Seize the Day who found out about it by listening to the show. Two pilgrims, Deacon Peter and Katie Hodsdon, had never even heard of Gus Lloyd but came on the advice of a friend. Gus talks with Deacon Peter about his vocation story.

Also, Gus talks about a bill currently in the California State Senate, which would require priests to break the seal of confession if someone confessed sexually abusing a child. He brings in Fr. Leo to talk about how this might affect the confidentiality of the confessional and other confidentialities such as attorney/client and doctor/patient. Also, they talk about how they question how such a law would prevent future child sex abuse.

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  • GARY LAXSON: May 27, 2019

    Fr. Leo talked about how confession is practical. I love to think how all of The Christian Way of Life is practical. Especially John 13:34 and unconditional love. We may be able to follow the ten commandments; but if we Love people by forgiving their trespasses, that should take away our animosity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone could practice unconditional Love? Amen?

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