Tuesday, June 20, 2023

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Gus is joined by Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), whose mission it is to rescue child from child sex trafficking. Tim shares his incredible story, which has been made into a movie called "Sound of Freedom," starring Jim Caviezel. Tim spent more than a decade working as a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security where he specialized in crimes against children. Seeing that more needed to be done, he left the department in 2013 and started O.U.R. He shares some incredible stories with Gus as well as what it's like to have your life story made into a feature film.
If you'd like to listen to the Tim Ballard interview or share it with friends and family, click here: https://make.headliner.app/download/203fd100-5a94-4da5-8d47-11c83ae95d95
Afterwards, Gus talks about how the movie Sound of Freedom makes him want to do more to help victims of child sex trafficking and to stop it all together. He invites listeners to call in and talk about a movie or something entertainment-based that spurred them to action.
Also, in today's Gospel reading from Matthew 5, Jesus tells us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you. It's a tough and mysterious directive and very counter-cultural. Gus invites listeners to call in and share who their enemy is and how they go about forgiving him or her.


  • Carol Plomin: June 28, 2023

    I missed your interview of Tim Ballard and would like to listen to the show that I missed, however it is no longer available. Is there a possibility it could be made available, again? I’ve been unable to get it on my SXM app.
    Thank you.

  • bernard fennewald: June 23, 2023

    This is a powerful trailer.
    Looking forward to watching the movie.

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