Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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Gus kicks off today's show talking with Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser about President Donald Trump's Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Marjorie believes that, with this selection, we've moved one step closer to putting at least some restrictions on abortion and save lives. Afterwards, Gus goes into his 60 Second Reflection, "Pray for Vocations," and then plays some audio of Judge Kavanaugh's acceptance speech from yesterday.

Later, Gus plays a clip from a skit that aired recently on Michelle Wolf's Netflix sketch comedy show "The Break with Michelle Wolf," where she does a minute-long patriotic salute to abortion. At the end, she shouts "God bless America and God bless abortion!" Gus gets listener reaction.

And, at a Trump rally on July 5th, four priests dressed in clerical attire, were seated prominently seated near the president and seen nationwide on TV. It caused quite a furor as canon law does place limitations on priests and religious' participation in partisan events, particularly in their clerics. It caused the bishop of two of the priests, Bishop Michael Warfel of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, to issue a statement, via the diocese's Facebook page condemning his priests' attendance at a partisan rally but further stated that, after speaking with the two, they didn't realize they would be placed in such a prominent location. Gus gets listeners' thoughts.

(Note: There was no statement from the bishop of the other two priests, of the Diocese of Helena, as their diocese has been without a bishop since February when Bishop George Leo Thomas was appointed the bishop of the Diocese of Las Vegas)


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