Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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Gus reads recent article written by Catholic author Paul Kengor that appeared recently in Crisis Magazine. Paul was on the show last year to talk about his new book "The Devil and Karl Marx." In it, Paul talks about how Facebook has targeted his book, as well as many others by his publisher Tan. Gus says that although he recognizes that Facebook is a private entity and is free to make whatever legal moves they desire, he is troubled by their censorship on books about the Blessed Virgin Mary or Stations of the Cross for children. He talks with listeners about it.

Also, this week is National Marriage Week so Gus asks listeners, if they could go back in time and give advice to their younger married selves, what would it be?

And, Fr. Sebastian Wolfe calls in to talk about his new book "Always a Catholic: How to Keep Your Kids in the Faith for Life—and Bring Them Back If They Have Strayed."


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