Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Gus is joined by Bret Thoman who calls in to talk about his new book, "Following Padre Pio: A Journey of Discovery from Pietrelcina to San Giovanni Rotundo." He talks about what he believes are saintly intercessions by St. Pio in his own life, including appearing in some dreams, and shares some interesting stories and insights into the saint. Inspired by Bret's saintly encounters with Padre Pio in not only dreams but with the odor of sanctity, Gus invites listeners who've experienced something similar to call in and share their stories.
Also, Gus goes over some Catholic news items of interest, including how the Associated Press style guide now requiring their journalists to refer to crisis pregnancy centers as "anti-abortion centers" and to put scare quotes around them. He talks about how he who controls the language controls the story and it's sad how deep the pro-abortion culture runs. Also, the Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa has banned the use of puberty blockers and transgender pronouns in their parishes and schools. Gus invites listeners to call in and weigh in on the transgender story and get their thoughts on that issue and how Catholic institutions should deal transgenderism.

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  • Janet Phipps: February 08, 2023

    I wanted to comment on your talk about transgenderism and totally agree with your thoughts, it’s evil. My opinion on this…are they not trying to play God themselves? God made us each unique and one of a kind, not to be tampered with in any way (that’s not obviously medically necessary). At one time (being brutally honest) I wanted breast implants but I finally came to my senses and said NO, this is the body God gave me and I should be happy with it! I am truly struggling with accepting people who have changed their identity.

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