Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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Author Sue Ellen Browder calls in to talk about her new book, "Sex and the Catholic Feminist." Sue Ellen was a writer for Cosmopolitan in the 1970s and has been very vocal about how radical feminism took over the Women's Movement. One of Sue Ellen's tasks at Comso, under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Helen Gurley Brown, was to write fictional sex fantasy stories that the magazine marketed as being real.

Later, Gus goes over the meaning of today's 60 Second Reflection, "The Blessing of Tradition(s)," which focuses on St. Paul's second letter to the Thessalonians; today's First Reading. In Catholic parlance, there's a distinction between tradition with a small "t," human traditions and customs, and tradition with a capital "T," the oral teachings of Jesus Christ handed down to us by the apostles. Gus explains the difference between both and gives examples.

And, it's "Dear Gus" on Seize the Day. He fields a couple of phone calls from listeners seeking some spiritual advice. First up, Jennifer is having problems with her pastor. She say he's very arrogant, talks about parishioners and only allows the bare minimum at mass in terms of COVID restrictions. Gus advises that she actually talk with him about it and suggests that perhaps God put this priest into her life for a reason. The second caller, Alan, has a daughter who's engaged to a non-Catholic. As they've gone through their marriage prep, some underlying issues have surfaced regarding religion, particularly things like the pope. Gus tells him there are a lot of resources out there, including A Minute in the Church, that answer any question anyone could possibly have.

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  • Lisa: August 26, 2020

    I found your talk today regarding the Priest who realized he wasn’t properly baptized. According to the Catholic church only a priest may baptize. However, if there is no priest available the parents can baptize their own child if it’s a situation where the child’s life is in grave danger otherwise its a sin for us to baptize. Also, the holy water has to flow from the head down over the cheek. Otherwise the baptism isn’t valued. This is according to the Traditional CAtholic church not the modern. Personally I don’t know what to believe these days.

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