Monday, August 24, 2020

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Pro-life advocate Abby Johnson calls in to talk about being invited to speak at the RNC this week. She also talks about her movie "Unplanned," which is now available on most streaming services, except Netflix, which has stonewalled the production company.

Also, Gus talks about an interesting story out of the Archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan where it turns out a priest, Fr. Matthew Hood, who was ordained three years ago wasn't actually a priest because he found out he wasn't really baptized. Earlier this month, the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a notice about that baptisms ministered in the name of the community are invalid. The priest or deacon administering the sacrament must say "I baptize you..." rather that "We baptize you..." Fr. Hood remembered watching a video of his baptism and the deacon saying, "We baptize you." In order to be a priest, you need to be validly baptized. It set off a chain of events where Fr. Hood had to be baptized, confirmed, received the Eucharist, made a retreat, ordained a deacon and then ordained a priest all by August 17th.

And, Gus witnessed an interesting event on Saturday where a truck pulling a lawn mower was attempting a U-turn at a busy intersection. There seemed to be some sort of stand-off between the truck and car behind him when, all of a sudden, a man emerged from the passenger side of the truck and three a drink at the windshield of the car and tore off. The driver in the car appeared to be in shock. Gus did catch the name of the landscaping company written on the side of the truck and was going to call him until his wife advised him not to get involved. Still, it kept bugging him so he emailed the owner of the company when he got home. He asks listeners if he did the right thing and asked what they would do in that situation.

Another story Gus discusses took place in the state of Wisconsin where Catholic schools in Dane County were set to open up for in-person classes today when they received word from county officials Friday that they were not permitted to open and must hold classes virtually. The Diocese of Madison is suing the county.

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