Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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There are some people who equate today's First Reading from Acts as the Apostles being socialists, or even communists, because the first Christians lived in community and had no possessions. Gus disputes this notion in that the first Christians lived in community voluntarily. Communism is forced. Second, in a communist society, the government takes the place of God, which goes against Christian fundamentals. Gus opens the phones up to listeners and asks if socialism, in its contemporary forms comports with our Catholic faith.

Dovetailing off the communist discussion, Gus talks about some lawmakers proposing universal student loan forgiveness and/or making college free. Gus talks about the morality of that. In some plans, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren's, the Top 75 money-making households would shoulder the cost. Gus asks if something like that is fair and equitable and if it's responsible.


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