Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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Gus talks about an open letter to the bishops of the Catholic Church that was authored by several prominent clergy members and theologians in the English-speaking world who accuse Pope Francis of committing heresy. They ask for the bishops to take the necessary steps to deal with this situation. Several of the accusations center around the pope's position on marriage and family.

In light of today's Gospel reading, which contains what is often considered the most popular Bible passage, John 3:16, Gus invites listeners to call in and share their Scripture Memory Verse.

And, Catholics are often accused of not knowing the Bible and Gus likes to point out that they know the Bible better than they think they do. They may not know chapter and verse but there is so much Scripture used at mass and in prayer that it's often taken for granted. Gus elicits some volunteers to prove this.


  • Bill Reiter: May 06, 2019

    This is very troublesome! The gist of the letter is quite accusatory, claiming the Pope to be an outright heretic. If the theologians are correct, the Church is in trouble. Yet, seems to me the theologians could well be the heretics in that the Pope remains Vicar -and head of the C. Church, & as such, should be better petitioned to censure the Bishops for all of their skullduggery! I’m very perplexed over all of this and what could be the fall out!

  • Thomas Reichert: May 01, 2019

    Pope Francis has done a fantastic job as our pope. Since he became pope, a certain element of our faith has attacked him constantly for bringing a realistic approach to modern faith while preserving the elements that are core to our religion. I would like to see how some of these people would have reacted if their behavior towards Pope Francis would have been launched at Saint Pope John Paul II or Pope Benedict.

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