Thursday, September 5, 2019

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Gus talks about a story out of Buffalo, New York involving Bishop Richard  Malone and one of his priests, Fr. Jeffrey Nowak, who's been accused of sexual harassment by seminarian Matthew Bojanowski. It's a very sordid affair but, due to the bishop's ineffectiveness, the seminarian was forced to go to the media. Bishop Malone's secretary, Fr. Ryszard Biernat, who advocated for Bojanowski and was later forced to go on administrative leave, secretly recorded Bishop Malone who appeared to be more concerned over how this story will hurt his reputation. Gus plays the entire WKBW Buffalo news story, which includes pieces of the secret audio recorded by Fr. Biernat.

Later, Gus reads an article from the National Catholic Reporter, entitled “Climate Change is the Most Important Life Issue Today” by Fr. Daniel P. Horan. Gus takes issue with the author calling it the most important life issue today when nearly one million children are aborted annually in the United States alone. He opens up the phones to get his listeners’ takes on the climate change issue and its importance in American society.

And Gus is joined in the Conversion Corner by former evangelical minister Keith Nester. He tells his story of growing up in the United Methodist faith, where his dad was a minister, and becoming a drummer for a rock band before finding his own path as a youth minister and a pastor. He tells Gus of the circuitous path he took to find the Catholic Church.


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