Thursday, October 24, 2019

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Gus talks about a distressing case out of Dallas, Texas where a divorced husband, James Younger and his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, are going through a custody battle over their twin sons, Jude and James. Anne wants to transition James Jr. to a female via chemical castration. James Sr. sued and it went to a jury trial. Eventually, the jury sided with Anne, which has given the green light for the gender transition, which James Sr. alleges is against their son's will. Further, James Sr. is required to affirm his son's new identity and has to refer to him by female pronouns as well as his new name, "Luna." Incidentally, Dr. Anne Georgulas is not the biological mother of the child, but James Sr. is the biological father. They were conceived via in vitro fertilizaiton and an egg donor. Gus gets listener reaction.

And, Bob Dunning calls in to talk about this weekend's best college football games.

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  • Scott Gieselman: October 24, 2019

    Thank you for all you’re good works. These disturbing examples of the attack on the family and on truth are diabolical. You’re choosing to shed some ‘catholic light’ is not surprising. Entirely agree with your comments – way to go!
    Seems like your next literary effort has been chosen for you.
    God bless.
    St Joseph’s Partners is a good resource for those who desire to fast on Wednesday and Fridays. I began this practice in 2015 after a trip to Medjugorje

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