Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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Gus talks about the "Great Pachamama Controversy," which took place in Rome over the weekend in the midst of the Amazon Synod. At the beginning of the Synod, several pieces of art were processed into St. Peter's Basilica, including several abstract wooden figurines that depicted a naked pregnant woman. It was unclear who she represented, but several speculated that it was a representation of "Pachimama," a fertility goddess who has been worshiped in the Amazon region, although nobody at the Vatican has confirmed it. A few days ago, two particularly offended men walked into the Church of Santa Maria in Transpontina, where they were on display, commandeered them and tossed them into the Tiber River. While they did this, they filmed the theft and posted it on YouTube. It has received plenty of positive feedback. Gus asks listeners if something like this is justified or not.

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  • Emma Lou Hotho: October 24, 2019

    I heard very little of your program this morning – on the way to the Adoration Chapel and then 40 minutes later on the way to my volunteer job. The 3 callers I heard all called the removal of the pagan idols theft and wrong. When I first heard the news and saw the video, my first thought was, “WOW! That’s the best Catholic news I have heard in a while!” Those items DID NOT belong in a Catholic Church. A priest, a bishop, or a Cardinal should have removed them, but did not. So, the laity stepped in. Good for them! (my opinion, or course.)

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