Friday, October 25, 2019

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Gus talks about a Church financial scandal involving Peter's Pence. Peter's Pence is a second collection that takes place once a year designed to fund the charitable works of the Holy Father. It appears that some of the funds have been misappropriated for luxury apartments in which has launched an investigation from the Vatican's Promoter of Justice. Gus reads the story from Crux and gets listener opinion.

Also, Gus takes a few minutes and plays a recorded homily by Fr. Jay Scott Newman that provides some background to the Amazon Synod and the ordination of married men to the priesthood. Fr. Newman points out Bishop Erwin Krautler, a German bishop who has spent his entire career as a missionary in Brazil, the epicenter of the current Synod. He reveals that in all his years as a missionary, Bishop Krautler never baptized one solitary indigenous person and is one of the major proponents of married priests in that region.

And it wouldn't be a Seize the Day Friday without a little Prayer Time.

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  • jamie zabicki: October 28, 2019

    I just listen to the sermon of Fr. Newman with regards to Bishop Erwin Krautler. I am shocked that this bishop was allowed to remain in the Xingu providence for so long, especially since he never baptized a single individual there. But it seems that priests and other pastors are trying hard not to offend anyone feelings. All the churches want to proclaim we are inclusive and welcoming to all. But you can’t have cafeteria Christianity . You either believe the bible in its entirety or you don’t. I think it is high time that Pope Francis starts to speak out against this kind of heretical preaching. But I feel he also wants everyone to love and listen to him and doesn’t want to create waves. As Bob Dylan sang ‘the times they are a changing" but as Christians we need to hear what is true and undeniable about Jesus so we don’t get swept up in contrary dogma.

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