Thursday, January 3, 2019

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Yesterday, the U.S. bishops began a seven-day retreat at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary near Chicago. In light of all the clergy sex abuse revelations this past year, Gus asks listeners what their prayer is for the bishops during this time.

Also, Gus talks about some Catholic news items including questions recently asked by two Senators, Mazie Hirono, of Hawaii, and Kamala Harris, of California, to federal judicial nominee Brian Buescher. Buescher was question by the two aforementioned senators about his membership in the Knights of Columbus, which they referred to as "extreme" and a "men's club." Upon hearing of this, members of the Knights of Columbus of Washington D.C. penned an open-letter to the two senators, detailing the mission of the Knights of Columbus and invited them to come and join them in their service to the poor and the needy. Gus talks about what seems to be increasing bigotry against Catholics among some Senate Democrats.

Later, Gus talks about New Year's resolutions and that it was 32 years ago that he decided to quit smoking. He didn't do it for health reasons. He did it because the price of cigarettes went up to $1.00 a pack. Through some quick Gus Lloyd math, he determined that he's saved nearly $80,000 in that time. He asks listeners to call in and share their life-changing decisions that really benefited them.


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