Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Today is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord so Gus, the fourth mystery of the Joyful Mysteries on the Rosary so Gus talks a lot about that today.

First, Mark Hartfiel, vice president of Paridisus Dei, calls in to talk about a video campaign his organization has just kicked off called "The Mysteries of the Rosary." Gus plays a powerful clip from the series which shows the power of just one Hail Mary. Mark talks about the goal of their film series and what the Rosary, and the Holy Land, has done for him in his life. Afterwards, Gus invites listeners to call in and share how they pray the Rosary.

Gus also goes over some Catholic news items of interest, including the revelation from Pope Benedict XVI's biographer Peter Seewald that his main reason for resigning from the papacy back in 2013 was because of his chronic insomnia. He also talks about a Minnesota abortion bill awaiting their governor's signature that puts them on par with North Korea, President Joe Biden's claim that some bishops, and the pope, don't oppose him on taxpayer-funded abortion, which has been contradicted by USCCB President Archbishop Timothy Broglio and Cardinal Timothy Dolan's criticism of the Biden Administration for trying to force employers to cover contraception on their health insurance plans even if they're faith-based or violates their conscience.

Also, in today's Gospel from Luke, we read about how Lord promised Simeon, an old man in the temple, that he wouldn't die before seeing the Messiah and he recognizes Jesus immediately and foretells of the joys and sorrows and Mary will endure. Also, Gus asks listeners if they've ever experienced something like that.


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