Friday, February 3, 2023

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Gus is joined by Mark Houck who was recently acquitted from charges of violating the FACE Act, which is a federal law that provides legal protection for individuals who work at abortion facilities. Mark had gotten into a tussle with an escort who began harassing his 12-year-old son, which ended in a brief shoving match. The man filed charges locally but failed to show up to at least three hearings so the case was thrown out. The Biden Administration and the Department of Justice decided this was a violation of the FACE Act and sent a cadre of armed FBI agents to siege his home and drag him to their Philadelphia facilities where he sat chained to a desk for six hours without access to an attorney. He tells that incredible story in detail and the subsequent trial the ended this past Monday with a not guilty verdict from a 12-person jury.
Afterwards, Gus takes a call from Abby in Atlanta who sought his spiritual counsel. She tells him that she's Catholic and she's going to a Methodist retreat with her mother who is of that denomination. At the end of it, they will give out communion. She understands that they don't have the same belief or recognition of what holy communion is and feels uneasy receiving it. Gus gives her his thoughts and shares Church teaching with her on that subject, which is to not receive based on the fact that there's a different belief. He also tells her to enjoy the retreat and share with her mother why she won't participate in that particular activity and why.
The final hour is dedicated to our Friday regulars. First, Gus continues with St. Hillary of Poitiers' "Treatise on the Trinity" followed by Prayer Time.


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