Monday, April 26, 2021

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Now that things are beginning to open up and, in some areas, COVID restrictions are starting to be relaxed, Gus does a Monday Morning Church Check to see how things are going around the country.

Later, Shannon Bream, host of Fox News @ Night, joins Gus to talk about her new book, "The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today."

Based on today's Gospel, where Jesus tells his disciples that his followers are like sheep in that they recognize his voice. A sheep will only follows its shepherd's voice and not that of a stranger. Gus invites listeners who have heard the voice of God to call in and share their stories.

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  • Stephen: April 26, 2021

    Dear Gus,
    I get to listen to your program for about 8 minutes in the morning. I look forward to these 8 minutes! Today, I heard you talking about Holy Water. I miss it at church. We now go to the sanitizing dispenser.
    Approx. 5 years ago, a very holy and well beloved woman named Josephine ( in her mid-80’s ), would do the readings at daily Mass. She had her cane with her. Everyone very much enjoyed her voice and smile. She has a very fine Catholic family who is very supportive to her. They have a small store where they sell Catholic items. A Priest goes there to bless some of the items after sale.
    If someone leaves bottles of water there, the Priest will bless the water.
    One day, Josephine came to Mass early to prepare. She was having difficulty clearing her throat and was afraid she would not be able to do the readings.
    I sat in the pew behind her and she told me the problem. I think the Holy Spirit quickly urged me to say: ‘put a drop of Holy Water on your tongue!’
    She turned towards the entrance where the bowl is located, and gave me a look… I said NO, and pointed towards the 5 gallon tank on the other side of the church used for filling containers.
    She went to it and put the water on her tongue. She read the readings beautifully that morning. She looked at me as she was returning to her seat and smiled. I just shrugged my shoulders and was happy inside.
    I haven’t seen her in quite a while. Josephine is in her 90’s. She use to work at the little store. Something tells me the store might be named for her: THE LITTLEST ANGEL.
    I’m very fortunate to have a retired Monsignor as a friend. We have coffee several times a week. He has the most amazing garden. His 6’ tall tomato plants have huge tomatoes on them.
    During this time of little or no Holy Water, I have a supply of it thanks to him and the store. I enjoy giving quart to gallon jars of it to people, and hope that they will share it. Maybe, others will be inspired to do the same.
    I know the power of faith and one little drop of Holy Water! God Bless you. Stephen

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