Friday, November 8, 2019

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Gus talks about another Pew Research Study that talks about U.S. Christian attitudes concerning cohabitation, or living together before marriage. Gus talks about his own experience living together, with his wife Michelle, before getting married and how he looks upon it now before turning it over to the listeners.

And, it's Friday and that always means Prayer Time on Seize the Day


  • Michael Bedell: November 11, 2019

    I listen to your program every weekday morning during the 10 minute drive from the church parking lot after Mass to home. (I live in Akron, Ohio.) I also tune in when I am out and about in my car. I find you very inspiring. Thanks for being open about some things in your past, especially the fact that you lived with your wife before marriage.

  • Bob Clark : November 11, 2019

    GUS:Today 11/8, around 10:45, a woman called in re cohabitation given her personal background of getting married at 16 as result of pregnancy. Some 11 years later the couple divorced. Specifically, she questioned if cohabitation would ever be “acceptable to God, etc” given that a present relationship feels so correct.  Following a rapid/forceful “No” you properly distinguish between feel-good acts and morally based rational  judgements. Without disputing any thing you said,I think the caller should have been strongly advised to review  her situation with her parish priest. Whether a 16 year old high schooler confronting the crisis of  pregnancy and, no doubt, conflicting family, friends and societal pressures  (i.e. to marry,  to give child up for adoption, abortion) has the wisdom and emotional maturity to exercise her own free will in such a situation is certainly open to question. As such, there may be grounds for annulment.
    Perhaps your caller is aware of the same but we don’t know. It could difference in her life,
     I sincerely hope you have the capability of contacting her.       THANKS        Bob Clark

  • Therese Brady: November 08, 2019

    I enjoyed your show today , especially when you talked about our new moral relativism and how we need to consider the consequences of our actions and not our “ feelings”. Thank You Gus

  • Brother Christopher (Franciscan): November 08, 2019

    Jesus told the woman at the well that she had 5 husbands and the one she had now was not her own. Some would say that we are married to every person that we have ever known (in a Biblical sense).

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