Thursday, November 7, 2019

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Gus begins by talking about a few news items of interest, including a federal judge in New York who struck down conscience protection rights for healthcare workers. Gus talks about how in the state of New York, if you are morally opposed to abortion or gender reassignment surgery, you will be forced to participate in it even if it violates your conscience. Gus reiterated how Catholics cannot vote for abortion supports because of this. Shortly afterwards, he received a call from a caller named Donna from Baltimore who disagreed with that notion. She said she was a lifelong Democrat and a lifelong Catholic and she leaves her religion at the door whenever she steps into a voting booth. Gus respectfully disagreed and said he can't separate the two. This sparked others to call in and comment about mixing politics and religion.

Later, Gus mentions that he's received a few calls this week from listeners who are recovering addicts and how grateful they are that they beat their addictions and came back to the Church. Gus devotes time this morning to listeners who are recovering addicts, how they got through it and where God was in their struggle.

And, Bob Dunning calls in to pick this week's best college football games with Gus, including the two games that both feature undefeated teams, Penn State vs. Minnesota and Alabama vs. LSU.

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  • Lisa Hollywood: November 08, 2019

    The woman who called in (Donna) to say that you were mixing politics with religion was the personification of what is wrong with the Catholic Church in America. That this wrong-headedness is allowed to exist and to flourish is the result of the silence of the bishops. The Dems once owned the working class Church and defended its immigrant class once, up until the Kennedy days but descendants of traditional Dems need to wake up and understand that a vote for a modern day Dem is a vote for the culture of death. There are no two-parties about it. Thank you for bringing up this divisive issue on your show today.

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