Friday, February 15, 2019

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Today ends National Marriage Week. Gus recounts the story of how he and Michelle got together, which he refers to as a "May/December romance." He also says there was a touch of scandal to it as Michelle is four years older than he. He invites listeners to call in and talk about their May/December relationships. Gus also talks about the importance of praying together with your spouse and invites listeners who pray with their spouse regularly to call in.

Gus talks about yesterday's show where people called in and shared that special song between them and their spouse. He talked about how he and Michelle couldn't remember their wedding song. He asked Michelle to pick a new one for them and call back in the final hour of the show. She did and chose the song "If The House Burns Down Tonight" by Switchfoot. The lyrics talk about how if the house burns down and they protagonist loses nothing as long as his true love is by his side. Using the subject matter of the song, Gus asks listeners if their house was burning down and they were able to run back in to retrieve one thing, what would it be.


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