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In our Gospel reading today from Matthew 13, we hear the last of Jesus' parables from this chapter. In the first reading from Jeremiah, the LORD tells Jeremiah to go to the house of a potter.

The LORD says, "Indeed, like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, house of Israel." 

When a potter works with clay, it is wet and malleable, able to shaped into whatever the potter desires. This is how our hearts must be. Let's take the next step. After the clay is fired, it becomes hard, unable to be changed, only to be broken. This is true for our hearts as well. If they are hard and unchangeable, they can only be broken. Let us pray that our hearts will be in God's hands as clay in the hands of the potter.

Father, give us the grace of a malleable heart, always ready to be reshaped by your hands. Amen.

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