Wednesday, September 25, 2019

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In today's Gospel from Luke, Jesus sends out his 12 apostles and tells them to "proclaim the good news." Gus says the good news is that God loves us, and Jesus has come to save us from our sins. He asks listeners what they think the God news is.

Also, Gus talks about vocations and the feeling of being called to do something. He recounts the story of how he became a Catholic radio host. After leaving rock and country radio in the mid-80s to open up a landscaping business with his family, Gus stumbled across a local Catholic radio station while driving. Since he'd always longed to be back on the radio, but in a more edifying atmosphere, Gus felt God urging him to call the station and ask if they needed any help. A few days later, he was back on the air. He asks listeners to call in and share what they do for a living and how they felt called to it.


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