Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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Do you pray for the little things, i.e., parking spots and wins for our favorite sports teams and whatnot? Gus asks listeners if there's anything too small and inconsequential to pray for or are some things off limits?

Also, Gus talks about college and how there are many people, including several politicians, who believe a college education should be free. Gus confesses that he did not go to college, opting instead to go straight into radio after high school. He asks listeners what choice they made, or their kids made, and how it all worked out.

And, Gus gives an update from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Back in June, Archbishop Charles C. Thompson decreed that Brebeuf Jesuit, a Catholic prep school in Indianapolis, would no longer be recognized as a Catholic institution over its decision to renew the contract of a teacher involved in a same-sex marriage against the archdiocese's wishes. Yesterday, it was announced that the Vatican has temporarily suspended the archdiocese's decision pending an investigation.


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