Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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Yesterday, Gus talked about the Amazon Synod and the prospect of a "married priesthood." Gus said he believed that broad, sweeping changes like that would not bring in a groundswell of fallen-away or lapsed Catholics like some people think it could. He received an email from a lapsed Catholic who disagreed with him. He reads the email and opens the phone up to listeners and asks them if things like married priests and female deacons would bring more people into the faith.


  • Armida Sandoval: October 24, 2019

    Hi Gus,
    I am new to your show and I find it very interesting and I really like it, plus it’s at the time of my commute to work so I get to listen most days.
    In your show about ordaining married man to priesthood most people disagreed and I am one of them, the bible clearly says you cannot serve two masters and I really don’t see a connection between this two sacraments and I think each one of them are very unique and complex to even think about dealing with them at the same time. However, this morning I came across this video about Fr. Joseph Jacobson, the Lutheran bishop who became a catholic priest in 2007 and I was shocked, I never knew this and I don’t know if he’s the only but all of the sudden the church seems so fake in my eyes and I have all these questions going through my mind.
    Why is this being brought up at the synod for discussion when it’s been already allowed to have married priests?

    I don’t know how to put it because I just don’t get it, in that case why unmarried couples cannot take the sacraments? or couples that are married by law but not by the church? And why they have to live in chastity for a period of time when they decide to take the sacrament? What makes these couples live in sin? All of the sudden nothing makes sense to me and it really does bother me.
    In that case why can’t homosexuals get married by the catholic church?
    I am so confused, I don’t even know how to put all this together or how to ask all these questions to have an answer but it certainly threw me off.
    In that case, let’s ordain women and homosexuals, would make no difference to me, doesn’t matter what the bible says.

  • annemarie donahue: October 09, 2019

    Hi Gus,

    I listen every morning! Here’s my take:

    It would bring more priests into the faith! Young men don’t want to give up their lives or futures anymore. They don’t want to give up romantic love or the chance to have children, grandchildren, companionship, etc etc. Something’s gotta give, because we have a dearth of priests here in America, at least in my region where parishes are sharing priests. The Catholic priesthood is not attracting normal, healthy men. So what you had is these deviants and pervert priests that perpetrated disgusting crimes under the guise of “celibacy”. The Catholic Church needs to adapt in order to survive. This SHOULD be one of the things they change. Plenty of boys that I went to Catholic high school with would have wanted to become priests, if they didn’t have to sacrifice everything good in life for it. These guys loved their faith. It’s a shame. They would have been great shepherds.

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