Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Gus returns to the Real Clear Opinion Research Poll, which also shows how younger Catholics are more prone to accept all of Church teaching than older ones. Gus asks listeners to call in and talk about the teachings they believe often get misrepresented and drive people away from the faith.

Later, Nathan Wigfield sits down with Gus in the Conversion Corner. Nathan grew up in a strong Christian family and his call to ministry while in college led him on his journey to the Catholic faith.

And, since tomorrow is the Feast of Pope St. John Paul II and Gus is joined by Patrick Novecosky, author of "100 Ways John Paul II Change the World." Patrick has been a fan of the pope since meeting him several years ago and he talks about the many things the sainted pontiff did that no other before him had done as well as his other attributes.


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