Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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In today's Gospel from Luke, Jesus teaches his disciples the Our Father, which contains the line "give us this day our daily bread." Gus says that not only does that mean our daily sustenance but also the Eucharist. Gus asks listeners who attend daily mass to call in and share that experience.



Also, one of the most popular misconceptions about Catholics is that they worship statues. As far as Gus is concerned, he knows no Catholic who worships, or ascribes any special powers to, a religious statue. They do, however, place them in and around their home to evoke a holy atmosphere. Gus asks listeners what statues they have in their homes.



And, something Pope Francis has encouraged, as well as bishops around the world, is the Prayer to St. Michael after mass. It used to be quite common but has fallen out of practice in the post-Vatican II days. Gus asks listeners whether or not their church says the prayer after mass.




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